News portal El Mundo has ranked the best schools in Spain based on 27 criteria, among them the prestige of the school, the progress of the pupils during the educational process, the cost of education, the subjects taught, the qualifications of the teaching staff, extracurricular activities, class occupancy, the availability of various infrastructure (laboratories, football fields, swimming pools, sports grounds), the range of catering for children and transport links to the nearest settlements.

A ranking of the best international schools in Spain has also been published and includes:

  1. Aloha College (Málaga)
  2. British School Málaga (Málaga)
  3. Novaschool Sunland (Málaga)
  4. San Francisco de Paula (Seville)
  5. San Pedro International College (Málaga)

The top five schools in Spain in 2022 are:

  1. San Patricio (Madrid)
  2. La Salle Maravillas (Madrid)
  3. Estudio (Madrid)
  4. Manuel Peleteiro (La Coruña)
  5. Ágora Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

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