Spanish ambassador expects to open country frontiers to Russian tourists by this summer

Spain’s ambassador to Russia, Marcos Gomez Martinez, expects tourist flow from the Russian Federation to recover significantly by the summer, if the epidemiological situation allows.

“We hope to open as soon as possible. I am very optimistic. I see several ways for this to happen,” the diplomat told TASS on Thursday. “First, it is possible that vaccines will finally be recognised. As soon as this is announced by the World Health Organisation, Spain will do the same immediately,” the ambassador assured.

“Our prediction is that in the coming weeks, as the situation improves, the restrictions will be lifted. And I expect that by the beginning of the summer season we will be able to bring back a significant proportion of Russian tourists,” the ambassador said.

“We in Spain love Russia, treat the Russians well and hope that this summer we will be able to say ‘Welcome!” – Gómez Martínez added.

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